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Mediation Services


There are numerous situations where parties may be in need of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution services. These are efficient and cost-effective ways to bring disputes to a resolution that both parties can come to an agreement on. A mediator will work to bring clear communication between the parties and work towards an acceptable solution to their unique problem and circumstances. Civil litigation can be costly and mediation is an important tool that is quickly becoming the preferred method for settling disputes of a civil nature.

Mark D. Johnson as Mediator

                Mark has been practicing in civil litigation for over thirty years and has dealt with a wide variety of civil cases throughout his career. Throughout his years of practice, he has participated in hundreds of mediations and mandatory settlement conferences. It has been his constant goal for decades to help find resolutions to disputes of a civil nature. Mr. Johnson has a particularly strong knowledge in the areas of Business Law, Agricultural Law, Probate and Estate Planning, Real Property, Municipal Law, Employment & Public Employees, Insurance Defense, and Government Agency Hearings.

          Mr. Johnson gained valuable experience resolving disputes while serving ten years as Judge Pro Tem for Fresno County Superior Court. He has since been appointed to serve as a mediator by a Judge of the Fresno County Superior Court.   His experience also includes serving years of civil service as mayor, city council, city attorney, and hearing officer for the City of Sanger. During this time in government service he was responsible for hearing and settling numerous disputes between citizens and local businesses.

          Mark is an attorney with a calm demeanor and valuable experience in negotiating parties towards settlement. He is capable of understanding complex legal issues and bringing two sides together to better understand each of their perspectives and goals. He will make sure that each party has the ability to have their voice heard and participate to allow the process to be both fair and efficient.

Should you be in need of the services of a qualified mediator please contact Mark D. Johnson to schedule an appointment.

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